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recommends Northstar Commercial Long Distance Movers

Since NorthStar Movers inception in 2000 they've become one of America's most recognized commercial moving companies and have been featured in the USA Today, Sun Sentinel and the NY Times.

NorthStar Commercial Movers


Moving Services

At NorthStar Movers we specialize in long distance & local moving services in Florida & all of the east coast area. We have the knowledge and man power to get the job done right.


We understand that there are many reasons as to why you may need storage sometime during the move process. We provide our customers with many flexible commercial moving and storage options to cater directly to these needs. There is no storage need that we cannot accommodate for our customers during their move.


Some of your more fragile household goods may need to be secured and crated before movers load it on the truck. NorthStar Commercial Movers offers custom crating and cardboard packing services to protect any specialty goods you need to move. Ask your estimator about special handling for large mirrors, artwork, glass tabletops and antiques.

People trust NorthStar Commercial Movers

"NorthStar Movers came highly recommended from my company so we decided to use them for our move. The did a great job."

Mark Hanson

"IVL did a great job, but we were very displeased with the delay. There was a customs delay in France. I know these things are beyond their control, but we were a little upset because we had to buy some items we needed. IVL did work it out with us so we're very pleased about that. I would recommend IVL. They're stand up people which is hard to find these days."

Tom Shelby

"We chose NorthStar Movers based on their reputation. They were not the cheapest moving company, but money well spent. The only complaint I have is that the driver showed up a couple hours late and I had to sit around and wait for them. IVL made it up and the end result was fantastic."

Wendy Stone
Northstar Long Distance Movers

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  • DOT : 1599827
  • MC : 5922433
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